February 2019 - Dr. Rath Research Institute

Scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California have published a new study which demonstrates for the first time that only a consistent daily supplementation with vitamin C can protect against heart disease. The study shows that irregular intakes of this essential micronutrient do not achieve the same beneficial effect. Published in the International Journal of Cardiovascular Research, the study further supports the importance of a consistent, sufficient intake of vitamin C in ensuring an optimum profile of blood risk factors, vascular wall integrity, and optimal cardiovascular health.

Thursday, 21 March 2019 13:39

Effects Of Chlorophyllin On Fibrosarcoma

Chlorophyll is a green pigment present in plants. It is called a photoreceptor pigment and absorbs sunlight. Chlorophyll is essential for food production in plants (photosynthesis) and keeping the plants healthy. Chlorophyllin is a water-soluble derivative of chlorophyll and is one of the most potent antioxidants. It neutralizes heterocyclic amines and aflatoxin, two of the dangerous free radicals that can occur in foods and can act as carcinogens. Heterocyclic amines are a potent risk factor for colorectal cancers. They are created when food is cooked at very high temperatures such as when food is processed, grilled, fried, or broiled. Aflatoxin is a fungus that grows on grains such as wheat, rice, corn and nuts, and it increases the risk of developing liver cancer.