Suppression of metastasis of intratesticular inoculation of B16FO melanoma cells by a novel nutrient mixture in male athymic nude mice


Mice in the Control group exhibited extensive metastasis in the peritoneal cavity and severely enlarged right testes and necrotic seminiferous tubules. In contrast, in the NM 1% fed group there was no evidence of peritoneal metastasis in 50% of the animals and mild metastasis in the other 50%.The right testes were enlarged and seminiferous tubules in the area of invasion showed evidence of degeneration. In both groups, there was no metastasis to liver, kidney and spleen. However, severe lung metastasis was observed in 2 of 6 mice in the Control group and mild metastasis in 2 of 6 mice in the NM 1% group.  In conclusion, these results corroborate with our earlier studies and confirm anti-metastatic potential of NM.

Key words: 
metastasis, intratesticular injection, melanoma B16FO cells, athymic nude mice, nutrient mixture