Progress of Tumor Growth and Metastasis after Inoculation of B16FO Melanoma Cells in Kidney of Female Nude Mice Is Inhibited by a Novel Nutrient Mixture

Roomi MW, Bhanap B, Niedzwiecki A, Rath M

Integrative Cancer Therapies Volume 18: 1–8, 2019 DOI: 10.1177/1534735419832365



Background: Tumor metastasis is a major cause for most cancer-related deaths. Melanoma is a serious cancer that metastasizes to other areas of the body, including the lungs, liver, brain, bones, or lymph nodes. Currently used cancer therapies are ineffective with a high degree of toxicity and patient mortality. Thus, any successful treatment for melanoma must target metastasis.

Methods: We studied the effect of a novel nutrient mixture (NM) containing ascorbic acid, lysine, proline, green tea extract, quercetin, and others, on the inhibition of melanoma growth and metastasis after inoculation of B16FO melanoma cells into the left kidney of female nude mice. Female athymic mice (n = 10) 8 to 10 weeks of age, were inoculated superficially in the left kidney with 5 × 105 B16FO melanoma cells in 100 µL of media. The right kidney was left untreated. After inoculation, the mice were randomly divided into 2 groups. The control group (n = 5) was fed a regular rodent chow diet, and the test group was given the same diet supplemented with 0.5% NM. The animals in control and the test groups were sacrificed 2 weeks later. Each animal’s abdominal cavity was opened, and the kidneys, lungs, liver, and spleen were excised and examined for tumor growth and metastasis.

Results: The kidneys in the control group weighed 25% to 30% more than those in the NM group due to colonization of B16FO melanoma cells. No metastasis to the liver or spleen was observed in either of the groups. However, severe lung metastasis was observed in the control group and mild to moderate metastasis was observed in the NM group.

Conclusion: These results show that the NM is effective in mitigating the growth of tumors in the kidney and metastases to the lung.

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