Inhibition of Glioma Cell Line A-172 MMP Activity and Cell Invasion In Vitro by a Nutrient Mixture

Zymography showed one band corresponding to MMP-2, which was inhibited by NM in a dose dependent fashion, with virtual total inhibition at 500-µg/ml concentration. Invasion through Matrigel was completely inhibited at 1000 µg/ml NM. NM was not toxic to glioma cell line A-172 at lower concentrations and exhibited toxicity of 50 % over the control at 1000 µg/ml. These results are significant as the nutrient mixture significantly inhibited MMP secretion and invasion-important parameters for cancer prevention without toxic effects, suggesting NM as a potential therapeutic agent for treatment of glioma.

Key Words:
Glioma, MMPs, Matrigel invasion, nutrients

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