A Nutrient Mixture Inhibits Glioblastoma Xenograft U-87 Mg Growth In Male Nude Mice

Our main objective in this study was to investigate the effect of the nutrient mixture in vivo on human glioblastoma U-87MG cell line. Athymic male nude mice (n=12) were inoculated with 3x106 U-87-MG cells subcutaneously and randomly divided into two groups: group A was fed a regular diet and group B a regular diet supplemented with 0.5% of the nutrient mixture. Four weeks later, the mice were sacrificed and their tumors were excised, weighed and processed for histology. Dimensions (length and width) of tumors were measured using a digital caliper, and the tumor burden was calculated using the following formula: 0.5 x length x width. The nutrient mixture inhibited tumor weight and burden of U-87MG tumors by 53% (p = 0.015) and 48% (p=0.010), respectively. These results suggest that NM has therapeutic potential in treatment of glioblastoma.

Running title: Nutrients exhibit different responses in FA fibroblasts than NHDF
Key words: glioblastoma U-87 MG cell line, nutrients, xenograft tumor growth
Access: http://exp-oncology.com.ua/article/8385/a-nutrient-mixture-inhibits-glioblastoma-xenograft-u-87-mg-growth-in-male-nude-mice