Nutrient Synergy: A Novel Approach To Head And Neck Cancer (Chapter 1)

The efficacy of these nutrient mixtures on tumor growth and cancer invasive parameters was evaluated in various head and neck cancer cell types: head and neck squamous carcinoma (HNSCC) FaDu, Fanconi anemia (FA) HNSCC OHSU-974, tongue SC-255 and thyroid SW-579 cell lines. We observed that NM and PB significantly inhibited xenograft tumor growth using FaDu and OHSU-974 cells lines. In addition, secretion of MMPs, invasion through Matrigel and migrations of head and neck cancer cells were down regulated by the nutrient mixtures studied. Furthermore, the nutrient mixtures significantly reduced cell viability and induced apoptosis in head and neck cancer cells studied The review of our various studies investigating the efficacy of the vitamin/micronutrient and polyphenol mixture on various head and neck cancers show significant suppression of tumor growth, cell proliferation, MMP-2 and -9 secretion, cell migration and Matrigel invasion of these cancer cells. These results indicate that these non-toxic nutrient mixtures have therapeutic potential in prevention and treatment of head and neck cancers.

Running title: Nutrients modulate head and neck cancer progression
Key Words: xenograft tumor growth, cell viability, MMP-2 and -9 secretion, Matrigel invasion, cell migration, HNSCC FaDu, FA HNSCC OHSU-974, tongue SC-255, thyroid SW-579, nutrients