Micronutrient Synergy – a New Tool in Effective Control of Metastasis and Other Key Mechanisms of Cancer


Many cancers are often diagnosed at later stages, when metastasis has occurred, which standard treatment has been unable to control. Our studies on NM effects on hepatic and pulmonary metastasis demonstrated profound, significant suppression of metastasis in a murine model. Evaluation of effects of NM on xenografts in murine models demonstrated significant reduction in tumor size and tumor burden in all human cancer cell lines tested. In vitro studies demonstrated that NM was very effective in inhibition of cell proliferation (by MTT assay), MMP secretion (by gelatinase zymography), cell invasion (through Matrigel), cell migration (by scratch test), induction of apoptosis (by live green caspase) and induction of pro-apoptotic genes in many diverse cancer cell lines. Furthermore, in vivo and in vitrostudies of effects of individual micronutrients compared to their specific combination demonstrated synergistic effects resulting in improved anticancer potency.

micronutrients, synergy, in vivo, in vitro, metastasis, tumor growth

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